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There is nothing more relaxing than going for an excellent budget holidays. One need not spend much just to experience a great vacation. Do you know that you can go on a fun and exciting surf tour here in South Africa without shelling out much money? Here, you and your loved ones can enjoy a fantastic getaway within your budget. Make sure though to stay at an excellent accommodation when you come here.

In South Africa there is a variety of different accommodation available in each area you might wish to visit.

This can vary from basic camping facilities, backpackers and luxury hotel resorts.

However, in Mozambique the accommodation available is dependant on which area is been visited. Certain areas only have camping and backpacking facilities, whilst others only have hotel accommodation or luxury resorts.

In the hot and humid summer months of January through to April, it might be best to stay in places with air-conditioning, especially in the tropical settings of KwaZulu Natal and Mozambique.

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