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Not sure where I want to go?

Please send us a list of things you like to do, what surfing experiance you have and when you want to go, then we can make up a package for you.

What if I can`t see what tour/package I am after?

No worries, we will customise a tour for you according to where you want to go and how much you can afford.

Do you organise flights?

No, but I will put you in contact with two reputable travel companies who can sort out any travel arrangments you might need to make.

What if my partner doesn’t surf?

There are a lot of different things to do on the days when there is no surf. Game drives in game parks, deep sea fishing, dolphin watching etc.

Malaria in Mozambique?

There is the possibility of contracting malaria in Mozambique. So bringing the proper protection is necessary. Please ensure you have a mosquito net, as well as mosquito repellant. Gel repellants offer longer protection and your repellant should have a minimum of about 20% DEET (Diethyltoluamide). Also consult your local physician on what medication best suits you.

Best time for surf in Mozambique?

Generally the best time for surf in Mozambique is during the Indian Ocean cyclone season. This is from January/February through until May/June.

Sharks and Sharknets?

Here the general rules of surfing safety apply, no surfing with an open and seeping wound, no surfing at dawn and dusk or in murky water.
Most of the surfing beaches in the Durban/Natal area protected by sharknets, but should you go to unprotected beaches, surfing of these spots will be at the discretion of your guide.

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